Selected Publications by Vitalea Staff

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  • Vuong L, Blood A, Vogel J, Anderson M, Goldstein B. (2012). Applications of accelerator MS in pediatric drug evaluation. Bioanalysis 4(15):1871-82. [Pubmed entry] [FutureScience]
  • Xu XS, Dueker SR, Christopher LJ, Lohstroh PN, Keung CF, Cao KK, Bonacorsi SJ, Cojocaru L, Shen JX, Humphreys WG, Stouffer B, Arnold ME (2012). Overcoming bioanalytical challenges in an Onglyza(®) intravenous [(14)C]microdose absolute bioavailability study with accelerator MS. Bioanalysis 4(15):1855-70. [Pubmed entry] [FutureScience]
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