Metabolite Profiling by UPLC

[Waters UPLC System]Vitalea uses ultrafast Waters Acquity UPLC Systems for rapid, high resolution profiling and specific molecular tracing. These systems bring speed and value to our customers and unparallel robustness and repeatability.

Quantitative profiles are generated for early human ADME readouts and correlation of human and safety species metabolite profiles.

Key benefits are:

  • Minimal Method Development
  • Absolute Abundance without Internal Standards
  • Small Injection Volumes
  • Meets FDA guidance for Safety Testing of Drug Metabolites (2009)

[Metabolite profiling example]Model High Density metabolite profile - LLOQ is at 15 fg/mL of plasma with a measurement imprecision of >5%. Peak area abundances are absolute without resorting to Internal Standards or Calibration plots.

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