[Dr. Jason Giacomo, Director - AMS Lab]

[The BioMICADAS(tm)]The Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) is a "big physics" instrument developed in the 1970's for quantifying carbon-14 concentrations in natural samples (carbon dating). Atomic isotopes of carbon are accelerated to near light speed velocities using particle accelerators and counted using specialized detectors.

In the last decade AMS has emerged as a versatile analytical instrument for biomedical science, providing zeptogram (10-21) sensitivity for carbon-14 tagged biomolecules and pharmaceuticals in microgram sized specimens. Traditional AMS instruments are not conducive to widespread clinical use as they are extremely large and operate at high voltages that require protective fencing.

To expand the market for AMS, Vitalea Science has a collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology to build and implement the BioMICADASTM. Beside being the most compact AMS available, the BioMICADASTM delivers the quality and ease of operation for clinical microdosing and microtracing markets.

The BioMICADASTM is revolutionary. It achieves the equivalent sensitivity and precision as instruments ten times its size. Moreover, it is specifically designed for clinical operations that must be conducted under good laboratory practices.

[BioMICADAS(tm) schematic]
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